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Community Outreach Programs & Projects

Long live Umuada Ugo!!!! Long live Otumunne!!!!!!!!!!!


Selected Community Activities and Outreach Programs (Since December 12, 1986: Raised a network of progressive young people who are proud of their Igbo/Nigerian/American heritage. 1987-Held our first "Easterfest - Otu Umunne's Cultural event. Later re-coined "Igbofest" in 1988.  


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      • Participated in various festival, fundraising, and cultural events around Georgia and Southeastern USA.
        • Cherry Blossom Festival, Macon, GA
        • Nigeria Heritage Night by Nigerian Organization, Middle Georgiat
        • National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta
        • showcasing Nigerian fashions and arts 1997/98
        • Mother Africa Children's Summit, Atlanta.
        • Various Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta events (1994 till date)
        • Pan African Festival of Georgia, Macon (1997 till)
        • NAPS, Nigerian American Progressive Society, Birmingham Alabama(2010, Nigerian Independence)
        • Contributions/support to agencies that cater to children, women and families both in the USA and Nigeria
        • March of Dimes
        • Contributions to the victims of Tsunami
        • Mercy Corps Haiti Relief efforts
        • Katrina Relief efforts
        • MedShare
        • Yearly contribution to Nigerian Youth Alliance Graduation Program